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Service Type Select All. Service Type PowerLeveling. Service Type Grinding. Online Sellers Results. Read more about trading safety guidelines. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours Quantity G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase.After the basic tutorial and you get the quest to kill grass beetles, run north of the road to gain knowledge on parasitic bees.

Then run down the road and gain knowledge on weasels before killing grass beetles and talking to your black spirit. Finish the introduction quests while killing everything in your path heading south east to the imps. Your goal is to finish all the quests and hit level Upon arrival at the guard camp, talk to the introducing guard and the following NPCs to get a skill quest from black spirit, then a quest to talk to Jonatt, then a quest to go to Edan down south.

Head east out of the guard camp and kill 2 packs of wolves, then run southward while killing tree spirits around the node point of the Secluded Forest until level At level 12, head into the Ancient Stone Chamber to talk to Edan and do the awakening quest.

Optional: Do the inventory slot quest to talk to the 6 statues in the room.

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Head back outside with the black spirit quest to kill tree spirits. Kill them and continue grinding to Head north with the black spirit quest to talk to Uno. Then take the quest to kill the Imp boss on the beach for your Elsh Weapon. Take the follow up quest to talk to the old man in Velia, then the girl Eileen. After turning in and taking her inventory slot quest, grab a horse from the stablemaster. Ride south to either the northern heidel quarry or alejandro farm and grind either spot until level At level 17 accept the quests for your level 17 skill and the altar imp quest.

Kill altar imps for a new weapon and take the next quest to climb the tower, and climb the tower. Make sure you restock and clean bags, then head south east to the scarecrow farm, grind here until around level Turn in the skill quest at the Serendia gateway just outside of the castle ruins, then ride to the awakening. Ride south to glish. Head northwest to kill naga to complete the quests. Upon completion, restock in glish, then equip your new weapon and head to the monastery in the south.

All the while grinding to Restock, head northwest to the khuruto caverns. Grind kurutos until level At 35 you can leave for the refugee camp west and grind there to 38, or at 36 leave north for Caphras Cave. Accept the awakening quest from black spirit to go to the bree tree ruins to the west, run through the ruins and complete the quest, then ride south to the chimaeras outside of keplan.

At 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill balemorn, this quest requires that you had done all 4 awakenings mentioned in the guide thus far, and you must complete this quest to hit level Once done, finish grinding to hit Skip to content.Toggle navigation. Sign In. PT, and have an expected downtime of 3 hours. October in PvE Discussion. Hey all, So I just rejoined the game after many years and am leveling to get my first level I think its ambush??

GIANT CHEST BOSS - 530% XP?! WHAT?! - Road to 64 - 65? - Black Desert Online Event -

Also I am playing a ninja and then on to a reaper. Any help would be great and thanks! October Thank You Brotherbros for your detailed and helpful response, the reason why I was mostly concerned with it was so that way I didn't waste excessive amounts of time trying to get gear and it only end up being average. I do enjoy this game and it is a lot of fun and just want to contribute to my guild and other fellow players the best I can.

I will work my way up and hope that I myself can learn the in's and outs and try to make this the best experience possible for myself and others! Slaughter gear is your next progression but it's too late for that since Slaughter will become the equivalent lesser gear just like Dreadnaught is right now. You can still do lower tier dungeons and farm up for next patch where Slaughter is easier to upgrade. The level 65 story quest will pretty much lead you in the right direction on what to do.

Just follow what it says. When the next patch comes in, we'll all get a brand new revamped level 65 story quest to redo again for some great stuff. Sign In or Register to comment. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site.Okay, so I don't know how many people discovered this yet, but leveling to level 70 takes half your life.

Basically, I will try to cut this rather short, since I don't wanna make this a wall of text. But generally, I have watched different vods and read patch notes and rants from other players from Korea, who have given me insight into how long leveling to 70 would take.

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And I'm told that this is only the beginning. Furthermore, I am told by several players who reached level 66, since they had rested xp from Manahan, not quite sure how that works? Truth to be told, this is just extremely aggravating and takes way too much xp.

I get that reaching level 70 should be rewarding and shouldn't take no effort at all, but grdining this much to reach even just level 66 is absolutely demotivating and if the next 4 levels are much worse, I can't imagine anything else, than that people will give completely up. Imagine you're level 65 and have FM gear, how are you supposed to reach level 70?

Now here is the issue: leveling to 70 is much too boring.

bdo level 65

A good example would be for example World of Warcraft, Blade n' Soul and Black Desert Onlinewhich have a really interesting quest- and storyline until max level. I hope that this will be taken up into consideration.

bdo level 65

I can tell, that I'm far from the only onewho feels that this leveling is taking far too long even with top tier gearso revising this, would be extremely preferable. Furthermore this was a concern already before the patch even came outas mentioned in Assa's post. Please do take this up with the developers, else I sadly foresee a quick end for endgame Tera players. I can't agree more with this - It's so ridiculous. Plus it gets boring when you end up just having to farm Basilisks for the whole day just to get some XP.

IT's just mindless. But again, the devs dont play the game, or they just avoid making things towards fun instead towards monetary adquisition. Also, they barely did things in the past to actually improve the game, i wasnt expecting anything different at this point. Even if I used all my Adventure points in 1 day and farmed 5 Bahaar's it'd still take me 20 days to reach level Unless I wake up early morning, and hardfarm Bahaar 10 times a day.

And while you're at it, please do smth about the skill xp required to advance your skills as well. I farmed 7 - basilisks yesterday, and only got 1 skill point. As long as there is no lvl70 content it pointless to rush to lvl70 even the next dungs dont realy require more then lvl Friend, I'm not saying I want it immediately.

If you read my post thoroughly, which I assume you didn't, 'cause else you wouldn't say this stupid shit, I'm saying that I want content to do while leveling.

I don't care if it takes long time to level to 70, if there's just some fun content to do while I level up. Just like in World of Warcraft, Blade n' Soul or Black Desert Online, particularly the last mentionedeverything takes a long time as well, leveling included, but it's fun to level up and do this grinding, 'cause the storyline and content while you level up is funbut killing basilisks to reach level 66 is not fun.

So once again, so someone like you understand it: I don't care if it takes long time to reach level 70, but at least make the road to level 70 fun, and not some farm fest where your only option is to kill a mindless number of basislisks. Think before you speak. The first half of your post is about how less xp stuffs give aka how slow then actually only the second half have smth to do with the content quality.

Even in your suggestion you talked about the xp nerf what is in correlation with the "i want lvl70 now". The way to lvl70 is boring? Yes it is but you cant do anything with that, even GF cant do too much. Noone force you for the mad bam grind cuz eventually you will hit lvl70, you will get skill exp, etc.

Personally i wont even do mad bams farm. When i feel i have mood for that i will do for skill xp.The beginning of every crafting activity is gathering material.

There are various methods to collect materials. Among them, collecting materials directly in the world. The natural environment of Black Desert's world may look like a beautiful background, but it is actually rich in usable resources! Gathering is a Life Skill used in the collection of resources which can be further processed and used in the crafting of useful items. When an object can be gathered from, an interactive interface will appear. To gather, press the Gathering hotkey R. Gathering consumes energy.

Sometimes, different resources can be gathered from the same object, depending on the tool used see table. If a specific gathering tool is required, but not equipped, a message will be displayed instructing which gathering tool is suited to collect a particular resource. Gathering tools can be bought from a Material Vendor and the Central Market, crafted or may be rewarded from Quests.

Some objects can be gathered from multiple times. If they have been recently gathered from, a period of time must pass before the object can be gathered from again. For example, you need to be equipped with a butcher knife to gather meat. If a monster still has loot you will not be able to gather these items until they have been looted.

Leveling the Gathering skill increases the chance of not consuming energy when Gathering and allows for higher level Gathering tools and Clothes to be equipped. Gathering clothes have low defense power, but defend against preemptive attacks from some monsters in specific situations.

When you sit down while wearing gathering clothes, monsters will not start attacking first. You get attacked, however, when you stand up. Including standing up for gathering. The easiest way to obtain gathering clothes is completing production-related quests.

You can also craft and wear Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes in the house Costume Mill instead of gathering clothes. They do not have the effect of defending preemptive attacks from monsters, but have some effects similar to those of gathering clothes, such as increasing gathering enhancement level and gathering EXP.

Their effect is improved on enhancement. You can acquire a lesser version of this item through the outfit workshop or from buying it from the market. You can level up gathering enhancement with food, clothes, elixirs, and alchemy stones, and gathering time is reduced at higher gathering enhancement levels.

Therefore, you need to take advantage of gathering enhancements to gather more in shorter periods of time. Gathering byproducts are other items obtained when collecting resources. These can vary from trade and vendor items, alchemical reagents, or enhancement materials.

These items you pick up might not be useful to you, but they might be to someone else. What is important is that when you sell the item to trade manager, the nodes of origin and sales area must be connected. If they are not connected, you only get 30 percent of the sales price. You need to check the origin and whether the nodes of origin and sales area of the trade item are connected.

You can receive various quests related to gathering from different NPCs in the world of Black Desert.

bdo level 65

It takes some time and effort to complete gathering quests, but you can receive Contribution Pointsgathering EXP, and other precious items such as Sharp Black Crystal Shards as a reward. Also, you must complete the Advancement Quest if you want to level up your gathering abilities. You can accept the Advancement Quest when your level is Beginner Lv.

Popular skill builds

Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Personal tools.This guide serves to help you to save money while getting geared up for Valencia content. This gear will help you to smoothly transition into more expensive gear.

Note: This sections in this guide are ordered for fresh level 50s. Scroll down to the bottom of the guide for the level 58 free gear. A good way to check your main quest line progression is to press O to bring up the quest window. You should to be doing them together, as they go through the same enemy areas. They also both go together. Optional : At this point, you should be levelI suggest completing the Many a Pickle Makes a Mickle questline to earn a lot of black stone quest rewards and to gain some level exp before moving on to Mediah.

You get Roaring Magical Sub-weapon for it. They give a respectable amount of AP and are dropped in Mediah grind spots. This is the first Asula you should be grinding for. Definitely get the necklace first to facilitate the grind here. Each level you gain after level 50, all the way up to 56, you complete a level of Six Steps for Personal Growth.

The quest NPC is always the blacksmith in Altinova.

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Make sure you have the armor in your inventory instead of wearing it when you turn it in. At level 56, you gain your Roaring Magical Armor.

Boots, Gloves, Helmet, and Main Hand Levels 53, 54, 54, 55 While grinding for Asulas, you can work on these as you fulfill the level requirements.

Each of these serve to teach you some BDO lifeskill mechanics. Note: these questlines can only be done once per account. Five Rings of Illezra requires you to have completed the Mediah main quests, which you can find under the Main tab of the quest window. Both of the bosses from the Illezra questline require special quest items to defeat.

Brute forcing them without the quest items will lead you to fail. King of the Arena has a tough boss fight, try your best to get all the other gear before attempting this one.

But cannot be freely exchanged for use of another class, unlike the Black Abyssal Weapon. This is the least valuable free gear. So when you spend money to progress your gear further, make sure to upgrade your awakening weapon first. At level 58, you unlock the Kamasylvia main story questlines. Those are great placeholder accessories to have as you push toward softcap gear. Skip to content.Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.

Dark or Light Theme toggle. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. May edited May in Black Desert Online.

It is interesting that takes more XP than all of levels 1 - 55 added together - as level 56 takes 21 billion XP alone. May Well, you can't say you won't have anything to work towards. Only insane masochists or people with nothing better to do would try to get the top levels. Octagon Member Legendary Posts: 8, And I thought the L2 grind was bad May edited May Octagon said:.

DMKano said:. L2 and Atlantica Online just as bad tho. I doubt I'll be worrying about anything above 55 because at the moment, there isn't enough in the game to make that worthwhile for my preferred play style, but generally I do like MMO's that have a meaty journey to cap.

Now imagine there are people who pressed the same buttons over and over, killed the same mobs over and over in that time. Either there are some really dumb individuals in this world or they are handycapped and cant participate in life like we do.

Even grinding 50h for 1 lvl, my mind would go numb. Ive no other explaination for this, do you guys?

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SoloAnything Member Uncommon Posts: Wow now that's what you call grind but again most games have you level cap in days I'm happy to see a old school grind mmo. Sovrath Member Legendary Posts: 27, If that game wasn't a cheaters paradise it might be worth it, but right now I can't even be bothered to log in.

I got to 56 and just figured the game wasn't worth the time investment. I can't invest that much time into a game that bans people for 3 days for obvious cheating.

I don't mind putting in some work but mindless grinding for hundreds of hours is just tedious and not very interesting game play. I got tired of waiting for the sieges that still aren't in the game after over 3 months. I guess I don't have that much patience.

Sovrath said:. Kabulozo Member Rare Posts: