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Yachts Australia YA is a family business operating a charter yacht fleet in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the tropical coast of Queensland at the Whitsundays Islands. The Whitsunday group of islands are acclaimed as the best cruising ground in Australia if not the world with access to over 90 National Park Islands plus a choice of 9 different resorts ranging from Wilderness to 5 Star Luxury.

All the major central islands lie within 2 to 15 nautical miles of the mainland — from 1 to 3 hours sailing from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island. They are all within sight of each other, separated by distances from about 0.

The lesser frequented southern islands extend some thirty miles off shore and are up to 15 miles apart. Delightful secluded mainland bays are within 2 hours cruising north of Airlie Beach. Navigating in this area is therefore extremely easy, usually only by visual means, and therefore does not require a high level of navigation skills.

Since Alice and Paul have taken over the business they have increased the fleet and the services they are offering the tourists. They are now offering tours that are fully staffed and catered through to self- skippered sailboats. With the business steadily building Alice and Paul decided to expand the business and YA have now franchised their operations to include outlets in several pristine locations in West Australia and the Northern Territory. The long term intention is to establish self-skippered one-way trips between these outlets across the top end of Australia for the more experienced yachtsmen.

The fleet currently includes 6 sailing yachts, 4 catamarans and 6 skippered touring boats all varying from 4 berths to 10 berths all with separate cabins and bathrooms. The staff numbers have also increased and now include 11 staff across all the operations: 1 full time and 1 part time receptionist, 2 cleaning staff, 6 contracted licensed skippers, 1 bookkeeper as well as Alice and Paul who undertake much of the management duties including approving bookings and reservations.

They also hire backpackers to help with tasks in peak seasons such as answering phones, bookings, cleaning and crewing on skippered tours. Furthermore, YA also operates closely with a catering company called Gourmet Picnic Baskets GPB which not only delivers lunches and dinners for skippered tours but also stocks chartered boats with essential local produce in readiness for the trips.

Alice and Paul can see there are major issues that require solutions. The business has grown to a more complex operation moving from only one operation outlet to four distributed office locations as well as the other activities mentioned. This has meant that the systems for keeping records have become inadequate and they have hired you to improve the reservation and payment systems. Ideally, Alice would like to be able to see how the business is performing on a daily basis.

Cheap second-hand yachts often become available at very short notice and she needs to know if the business is in a financial position to take advantage of such situations. Paul has been buying sailboats, refurbishing them and selling them to the franchised operators for a nice profit, something they would like to continue with. Alice and Paul recently hired a web designer to give them a web presence so they could make use of the internet to advertise their services.

Paul and Alice have decided to employ you to investigate the business needs and to conduct an initial feasibility study into the possible options for improving their current system. Most reservations are initiated by a telephone call from a potential customer. When potential customers call, the YA staff member asks a series of questions designed to help them decide which sailboat charter is right for them.

Note that all YA staff members, whatever their other duties, are expected to interact with potential customers. Generally, first-time customers want to know what types of boats are available. Even returning customers need to be told about new boats that might have been added to the fleet and their availability. If the customer decides to book a charter, the YA staff member records general customer information e.

Then the staff member requests information about the actual booking e. The staff member must check the master calendar to see if a yacht with the right number of berths is available.

Unit 9 System Analysis and Design Assignment

She or he must also make certain that there are enough employees with the appropriate skills available for fully skippered charters.

If there are no conflicts, then the staff member tentatively schedules the charter and asks for more specific details about the particular booking e. If the customer agrees, the booking is provisionally scheduled, which means that it is added to the master calendar and the selected staff members are tentatively assigned to it. At this point, the staff person checks on the preferred manner of payment for the deposit and if the customer has a discount voucher.

If the customer prefers to pay by credit card, the staff member takes and verifies all payment information.You can receive email notification that your assignment has been received. Late submissions will be penalised at the rate of 5 marks per day late or part thereof. You should submit your assignment as ONE word-processed document containing all of the required question answers.

You must include a completed assignment cover page see end of this document — copy and paste this INTO your document. You must keep a copy of the final version of your assignment as submitted and be prepared to provide it on request. Any instances of dishonest in this assessment will be forwarded immediately to the Faculty Dean. To submit: Part 1: 1. Submit your answers to the project management tasks Q1 a-e Create a list of use cases this is given in the case study and list these in a table with the associated actor and a one line description of the use case.

This is for the Phase 1 items discussed in the case. Entity relationship diagram Produce a data model focusing on the problem domain. At this point it is not required to be fully attributed. However it is important that you attempt to model as many of the entities as possible, and to ensure the correct cardinality. However it is important to study the whole case as there may be other details or important context that is situated in other sections. Decision Table. Draw a decision table to capture the logic of determining the priority category for a call.

This is explained in the interview section on page 7. Activity Diagram. Draw an activity diagram to show the flow of activity for the process of logging an emergency call and dispatching a response team. Most of this activity flow is explained in the interview section of the case on page 8.

Two of the most relevant items have been highlighted in the case as a hint but other useful information may be present elsewhere. A project has been defined to contain the following activities. Times are also given for completion of each of the activities. Activity Time Weeks Immediate Predecessor s 1-Collect requirements 2 — 2-Analyze processes 3 1 3-Analyze data 3 2 4-Design processes 7 2 5-Design data 6 2 2 6-Design screens 1 3,4 7-Design reports 5 4,5 8-Program 4 6,7 9-Test and document 8 7 Install 2 8,9.

Use 1 3 st April as your start date. Part 2 Case Study. Rescue Case The following sections provide an overview of Rescue, providing background to the business, problems experienced, and requirements for the new system. Additional detailed information is presented in the form of data gathered from interviews with key stakeholders.

Overview Rescue is an ambulance and emergency services company. The company operates a single hour emergency operations call center in which all calls to Rescue are received and processed.

Response teams are dispatched by call center operators. They are all trained emergency medical dispatchers. Rescue has approximately EMTs emergency medical technicians working in these response teams. Response teams are located at 25 base stations that are distributed across the geographic region serviced by Rescue Rescue knows that the overall effectiveness of the EMS system begins with the logging of emergency calls and the dispatch of response teams.

Direct subscribers are individuals or families that subscribe directly to Rescueand pay a monthly fee. Indirect subscribers are automatically subscribed to the services of Rescue as a result of their medical aid scheme, home insurance or life assurance policies. These medical aid and insurance companies are called providers.Observing the working activities helps a lot in studying the functioning of the company.

From the details included in the previous documents: To analyze the mission and strategy of the organization, the documentation should be refer.

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It also helps in developing the business forms, manuals, description of the job, requirement for the training, and etc. The characteristics of the good analyst are categorized as impertinence, impartiality, Relax constraints, attention to details, and reframing. Discover: By analyzing the existing system, the issues are discovered. Design: Designing in the new system and innovation in the alignment of the business strategy helps in evolving the new techniques and trend for the system.

Develop: It helps in the development of the system and business processes. Sequence Diagram:. The information system should contain the information regarding the customer details, vehicle type and brand, Date and time of order placement, recognition of the fault, details of spare part used, checking of the availability of the spare part, date of delivery, claiming for the income tax return by the depreciation on the spare part, and etc. The second step is to combine the requirement of the normalized data into a single logical database model.

The third step focuses in translating the conceptual ER diagram into the application. And the last step is to create final logical database model for the acme garage.

The first step is to provide an appropriate storage format to every attribute.

Assignment: System Analysis And Design

The second step concentrates on grouping the attributes for establishing physical records. The third step focuses on proper arrangement of the related record in the secondary memory so that the process of creating retrieving and updating can be done with speed.

The database contains the entity of administrator who deals with the customer and takes the details of him. The customer places the requirement to the admin. The admin check the availability of the spare part to deliver the vehicle on time. If the spare part is unavailable then he places the order to the supplier and do the extension in the delivery date.

After placing the order ge generate the bill for the customer according to the fulfillment of his requirement. Finally the assignment of the order given to the mechanic for renovation. The customer can do the payment in advance or within the time limit of 30 days.

The managerial risks which are associated with the project are if the manager is inefficient in attaining the expected result from the project, inaccuracy in the estimation of the cost, failure in attaining the adequacy in the system, failure in integrating the new system with the existing hardware and software.

Other risk factors are the structure of the project, development of the team, and customer requirement. The installation and the evaluation of the proposed system take place during this phase of the project management life cycle.

This phase mainly focuses on integrating the information system according to the requirement of the acme garage. The activities should also take place for testing the security of the system. The completion of the phase takes place by accreditation of all the activities included in the system.

In this phase, operated system can be enhanced with the development of the new software and hardware according to the changing requirement of the user demand and requirement. The performance of the system should be monitored periodically.

ICT310 System Analysis and Design Case Study Assignment Sample

The maintenance phase is comprised of the activity of reviewing the operational readiness of the system, proper management of synchronizing the activities, proper control on the process and procedure of the system.

Reauthorization is the important activity of the maintenance phase. The Acme garage is working traditionally with the complex process, complex supply chain management, and complex IT system. The success of the system design depends on the alignment of the activities according to the project strategy.

The IT resources should be utilized to its full extent for the better functioning of the acme garage. Proper monitoring of the activities should be done periodically. The proposed solution helps in overcoming the risk associated with the organization and also helps in filling the gaps which is determined for the efficient working of the activities.

Alter, S. Gowanit, C.System analysis and design is one of the IT courses taught in the colleges and universities of Australia. Students learn about the various information systems; they study about their designs and analyse the business support systems.

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They receive academic tasks on a regular basis but often get stuck in writing assignments. This sample covers various topics such as logical modelling, conceptual design, elicitation, design thinking, and more, and each one of them is explained in the simplest manner.

You will find a clear project scope statement, costing and scheduling, screen interfaces, and the entire document is presented in a clear structure and format. The ICT system analysis and design assignment question was received by our IT professional as the student was not clear with the concepts and the questions given to her were tricky and time-consuming.

system analysis and design assignment sample

This system analysis and design case study assignment required the student to design an information system that could easily support the activities of the organisation. Our IT expert created the data flow diagram and an entity relationship diagram to model the data requirements.

The major functions, project scope, and estimated cost are also identified in the answer. System analysis and design assignment samples are a great to assess the quality of work done by an online assignment writing expert. You can also use such samples as reference notes as a lot of tricky concepts are explained in the simplest manner.

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MyAssignmentHelpOz 4. Posted on November 15, December 19, by Jennings Jennings. Jennings Hello, I am a registered nurse who has been working with health professionals all my life.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.What is SDLC? Design — In this phase actual structure of project is designed. Implementation or Coding — This is the major and longest step in project development. The actual coding starts in this phase, as per the requirements and design phase. Testing - After the coding gets completed, software is tested for any discrepancies. Advantage — As output of previous phase acts as input of next phase, therefore each phase is completed before the next phase begins, so there is no overlapping of phases.

Simple to implement, no time consuming. It works well for smaller projects where requirements are very well understood. Disadvantage — One of major drawback with this approach is that once we are in testing phase it is difficult to go back in previous phase and change some requirement which was not well understood. Hence, this approach is full of risk and we have to wait for working software till the end of life cycle.

Not suitable for the projects where requirements are at a moderate to high risk of changing and as well, not good model for complex and object-oriented projects. Advantages — Preliminary testing activities like test planning and test designing happens before coding, thus lot of time and cost are saved as chances of error become less. It avoids the downward flow of the issues and it works for small projects where requirements are easily understood Disadvantage — As software is developed in coding phase so if any modifications are there then requirement and design specs need to be updated.

The model is very rigid and not flexible and does not handle iterations or phases. It works only for small or medium projects. Advantage — This approach is appropriate for mission critical and risk based projects.

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Disadvantage — Very expensive and cannot be applied to small projects. Advantage — Customer satisfaction is high as he gets to see the product functionality with each release. Disadvantage — We cannot assess the effort required to build the project in beginning. I found Incremental model to be best suitable for managing public library of British Computer Center. According to this approach, the project is built in rapid incremental cycles.

There are many functions and checks in a library like:. Now we can divide this entire library management into small sections or modules or target to be achieved, following the agile model approach. At a time one functionality can be covered up with each build, like incorporating the data of suppliers, incorporating the check that not more than 3 books can be issued at a time etc.

With each release user gets to see am overall improved system with new functionality.

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User can visualize the progress of the system at every interval. The incremental model meets the requirements of British computer center — Library management system adequately. This means that is the project that we are going to handle can be developed by the proposed technology or not.

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This means, is the proposed solution within our budget or cannot be developed within prescribed budget. Is the project that we are going to make reap us benefits or it is not of any use. Advantages and importance —.According to the stages in the life cycle of the project the introduction provides the basic idea of the initiation of the project. The company overview is provided in this documentation was to describe the history and the background to the organization. The documentation discus the problems with the existing manual driven system in this particular company as well as the new system is discussed in detail.

Compiler Design Lecture 17 -- Syntax directed translation examples

Feasibility study is carried out to recognized how reliable and efficient the system. The investigation and requirement specification was in this documentation the ways and means how the interviews and observations have been done. Logical process diagrams are included which is the guidance to the way how the system relates to the data inputs and how it connect with each entity. Praveena sarathchandra, Ayodya Piyaruwan,Chathura Wickramasinghe the members of the project team would like to thank Mr.

Eranjan Padumadasa for his continuous support and guidance throughout the project ,for his invaluable supervision to make this effort a success. Sarathchandra for his immense help providing the details of the company and the system, guiding us throughout the project to make this event a success. And also we thank the management as well as all the employees. Last but not least we are indeed grateful to all our friends stood by us helping in various ways. Our gratitude goes to the authors of books where we referred and the sources we gathered information.

Finally, we are responsible for any errors that remain in this documentation. The company range of products reflects superb craftsmanship, while unique designs give new meaning to elegance and good taste. A modern plant suited 45km from Colombo blends the very latest technology from Europe and Japan, with traditional skills in craftsmanship. The products are of such exceptional quality, that the sheer whiteness of the porcelain has far exceeded the expected standards of the porcelain industry.

The company also has the added advantage of operating a subsidiary company which produces high quality ceramic transfers decals which reflect the latest trends and designs of the modern world, utilising state of the art technology far superior to any other competitor in Asia.

RFPL is fully capable of developing individual designs to suit customer preferences within a very short period. The company has created confidence amongst many reputed international department stores as a reliable, high quality supplier.

Furthermore, many reputed manufacturers in Europe utilise RFPL to produce some of their requirements, since the quality could match any stringent standards. The high productivity rate of the company and the ready availability of adequate raw materials in Sri Lanka make RFPL extremely competitive in the global market.

system analysis and design assignment sample

A and also European Union Standards. Contents Contents The project is based on introducing an efficient and effective computerised stock management control system for the Royal Fernwood Porcelain manufacturing company in Kosgama. After the requirement has been identified, the project team with the management of the company agreed with a system which can be developed within the time span and the budget. In the process of analysing information were obtained by mainly discussing with the general manager as well as the executives and system administrators in general stores, white wear stores, production department, and decoration department and also with the packaging department.

Proposed system was mainly focused on general stores department as well as planning, where all the departments are interconnected and dependent by the data input by general stores and decisions taken by planning department. The main purpose of the system is to provide network within the organization, with the customers as well as suppliers oversees.

The existing or the current system. Although the company has wide range of business in oversees as well as in Sri Lanka the current system is not yet been fully computerized not at all in a network.

Currently all departments keep records manually and at the end of the day they file it. General Stores In this department there are series of records which they enter into a computerised system. This system is invented by Softlogic and it is defined in MS DOS version which is outdated and not been specifically design to this company.

They have been using this system since Main functions in this department are to maintain Raw material stock and all kind of spare parts for machines as well. Each and every record regarding purchasing of raw material, spare parts has been recorded and entered into the system when they received the relevant invoices and other specific document such as GRN, PRN, and PO by purchasing department.

Planning Department The planning department takes records from the general stores whenever they receive an order for the planning purpose of that particular order such as how much raw material needed, how much in stock whether the production can be carried out and to determine the time span. Although the general stores keep records the system is not a network so the planning has to manually take all the records from general stores.

Problems exist in the current system. Management The main issue with the management is that there is no network to retrieve data from the factory as the head office is situated in Colombo.Systems development is systematic process which includes phases such as planning, analysis, design, deployment, and maintenance. It is a process of collecting and interpreting facts, identifying the problems, and decomposition of a system into its components.

System analysis is conducted for the purpose of studying a system or its parts in order to identify its objectives. It is a problem solving technique that improves the system and ensures that all the components of the system work efficiently to accomplish their purpose. It is a process of planning a new business system or replacing an existing system by defining its components or modules to satisfy the specific requirements.

Before planning, you need to understand the old system thoroughly and determine how computers can best be used in order to operate efficiently. The word System is derived from Greek word Systema, which means an organized relationship between any set of components to achieve some common cause or objective.

A system must have some structure and behavior which is designed to achieve a predefined objective. The objectives of the organization have a higher priority than the objectives of its subsystems. For example, traffic management system, payroll system, automatic library system, human resources information system. Organization implies structure and order. It is the arrangement of components that helps to achieve predetermined objectives.

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For example, in an organization, purchasing department must interact with production department and payroll with personnel department. Interdependence means how the components of a system depend on one another.

For proper functioning, the components are coordinated and linked together according to a specified plan. The output of one subsystem is the required by other subsystem as input. Integration is concerned with how a system components are connected together. It means that the parts of the system work together within the system even if each part performs a unique function.

The objective of system must be central. It may be real or stated.

system analysis and design assignment sample

It is not uncommon for an organization to state an objective and operate to achieve another. The users must know the main objective of a computer application early in the analysis for a successful design and conversion. The processor is the element of a system that involves the actual transformation of input into output. It is the operational component of a system. Processors may modify the input either totally or partially, depending on the output specification.