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Poet, literary critic and activist Dr Jilukara Srinivas discusses his journey as a writer, the exclusion of anti-caste movements in Telugu writing and the oppressive structure of Indian villages. For Dr Jilukara Srinivas, his identity as a poet, critic and activist has been shaped by his childhood in an artistic and culturally-vibrant Dalit community as well as the caste discrimination he has witnessed.

Known for his fiery oratory skills and exceptional writing abilities, Dr Jilukara was born in Mallampally of Palakurthy in erstwhile Warangal. In his early days, he was drawn to the Communist Party of India Marxist due to the widespread influence of the movement.

He later left the movement and pursued a path that focussed on caste politics. Starting in student activism, he became one of the strongest critics from Dalits, particularly the Baindla caste, which is the most marginalised among the Madiga community. With over three decades of active public life, he is currently the convener of the Dravida Swabhimana Vedika, a platform seeking to forge an alliance among Bahujan communities for political and social change.

Jilukara is not only an active creator of articles and books, he is also among the first to respond and reach out to those in need when a caste atrocity occurs in the state. TNM spoke to Jilukara Srinivas to discuss his journey and work. How did you become a literary critic and activist?

Can you take us through your journey? My father passed away when I entered intermediate schooling. It was a shock to me. I decided then to work for the people, as my father did. So I became a full-time party worker and took the responsibilities of the SFI in Station Ghanpur, a newly-formed division committee. I was trained by the party in Marxism and Leninism.

Reading and writing and speaking became my routine. He was teaching Telugu literature. He inspired me and I became a poet through his influence. I bagged state-level first prizes in poetry writing and in creative writing. I spent the entire time in libraries and on the grounds to mobilise students to agitate for their rights.

I used to attend their literary programs. Wonderful professors such as Mudigonda Veerabhadraiah, KK Ranganathacharyulu, Parimi Ramanarasimham, Sharath Jyotsna Rani, Aruna Kumari, Pillalamarri Ramulu and many other great teachers in various departments of the university shaped my literary personality.

In various papers, I wrote short stories, book reviews and critiques in my MA days. On the Dalit question I published many articles in those days and they were received well.

Prof Mudiganti Sujatha Reddy sometimes responded to my literary engagements and encouraged me. Then I began my doctoral research at the same university. Under the supervision of Prof Pillalamarri Ramulu, I worked on contemporary literary theories and the study of Telugu poetry, with special reference to hermeneutics, structuralism and deconstruction. I was awarded a doctorate degree for my thesis.A woman is a sign of beauty.

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Some sorrow moments when ourTelugu literature is the body of works written in the Telugu language. It consists of poems, short storiesnovels, plays, and song lyrics, among others. While there is some indication that Telugu literature dates at least to the middle of the first millennium, the first extant works are from the 11th century when the Mahabharata was first translated to Telugu from Sanskrit by Nannaya.

The language experienced a golden age under the patronage of the Vijayanagara king-poet Krishnadevaraya. There are various sources available for information on early Telugu writers. Among these are the prologues to their poems, which followed the Sanskrit model by customarily giving a brief description of the writer, a history of the king to whom the book is dedicated, and a chronological list of the books he published.

In addition, historical information is available from inscriptions that can be correlated with the poems; there are several grammars, treatises, and anthologies that provide illustrative stanzas; and there is also information available from the lives of the poets and the traditions that they followed.

Early Telugu literature is predominantly religious in subject matter. Poets and scholars drew most of their material from, and spent most of their time translating epics, such as the Ramayanathe Mahabharatathe Bhagavata and the Puranasall of which are considered to be storehouses of Indian culture.

From the sixteenth century onwards, rarely known episodes from the Puranas would form the basis for the tradition of Telugu-language kavya. Literary works are drawn from episodes of the Puranas under the name Akhyana or Khanda became popular along with depictions of the fortune of a single hero under the title of Charitra, Vijaya, Vilasa and Abhyudaya.

Such titles are examples of what would become the most common subject matter of poetry.

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Religious literature consisted of biographies of the founders of religion, their teachings Sara as well as commentaries bhashya. Traditional Hindu knowledge systems such as astrologylawgrammar, ballets, moral aphorismsand devotional psalms to deities within the Hindu pantheon are characteristics of more popular works of Telugu literature. Ashtadiggajas have written in all three of the Prabandham genres during the Prabandha yugam.

Telugu literature uses a unique expression in verse called Champuwhich mixes prose and poetry. Although it is the dominant literary form, there are exceptions: for example, Tikkana composed Uttara Ramayana entirely in verse. As Champu Kavyas and Prabandhas were beyond the comprehension of masses, new devices for the dissemination of knowledge among the people were developed in the form of the Dvipada and Sataka styles. Dvipada means two feet couplet and Sataka means hundred a cento of verses.

There are some Satakas which are divided into ten groups of ten verses called Dasaka which is adopted from Prakrit. Avadhanam is a literary performance popular from the very ancient days in Sanskrit and more so in Telugu and Kannada languages. The number of Prucchakas can be 8 Ashtavadhanam or Sataavadhaanam or even Sahasravadhanam. A person who has successfully performed Ashtavadhanam is called as Ashtavadhani, a Satavadhanam is called a Satavadhani and Sahasraavadhaanam is called Sahasravadhani.

A dwipada is a couplet with a specific rhyme scheme. Longer poems, composed of many dwipadacan be composed with a "highly musical" effect. The form's musicality and accessibility made the form a natural fit for spreading religious messages. Palkurki Somanatha was the first to write in this form in the 12th or 13th century. Dwipada's accessibility has sometimes meant it was not a prestigious form of Telugu poetry.

In the 19th century, scholar Charles Philip Brown noted "the learned despise couplets because the poems thus written are in a flowing easy style which uneducated persons read with enjoyment.

Padams are lyric poems usually meant to be sung, with an opening line or lines called a pallavifollowed by three caranam verses, each of which is followed by the pallavi refrain. Chatus meaning "charming utterance" are remembered poems passed on by recitation. They have passed through a lively oral tradition for hundreds of years, and been anthologized since the 19th century by scholars like Veturi Prabhakara Sastri.

These attributions, most of which are unverifiable, serve to make both mythologize these poets and judge their relative merit.Nuvvu andhariki….

Romanticising Indian villages hides casteism: Telugu Poet Jilukara Srinivas to TNM

Prema Ante, Hrudayanni…. Pellaina Tharvatha, Jeevitha…. Mosapothunna Masasu.

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Repu maranistanu anna alochanalatho jeevinchu. Prapanchamantha naa chuttu unna nuvvu leka nenu ontarine,pranam tho nindu noorellu unnaa, nee thoduleka nenu oka….

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Saamethalu chinaa vakyale kaani, entho kalaniki sanbandinchina anubhava saakhyalu avi. Okkasaari manasicchi chudu, okkasari manasicchi chudu, pai paina manishini kaadu, lonunna manasunu chudu pedavula pai nundu…. English Quotes.

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Three things cannot be long hidden,the sun, the moon, and the truth. English Quotes Love Quotes in Telugu. Love Quotes in Telugu.

Love failure Love Quotes in Telugu. Telugu Quotes.

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Telugu Poetry On Love

Inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes Mahatma Gandhi Quotes. Swami Vivekananda. Inspirational quotes Love Quotes in Telugu. Love Quotes in Telugu Swami Vivekananda.

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telugu poetry on love

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telugu poetry on love

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